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How To Choose the Best Tiles for Your Bathroom

Tiles can make all the difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. Not only will they look beautiful, but they are also practical, as they are easy to clean and they can help to protect surfaces from water. There are so many different types of tiles available to choose from that it can be tough to know what to pick. This article provides some top tips that will help you to choose the best tiles for your bathroom in no time at all.


The first thing that you will need to do is to measure the area where you would like the tiles to be installed. Make sure that you write these measurements down so that you can refer to them later on. These measurements will give you an indication as to the amount of tiles that you will need to order, as well as how much it is going to cost you.


The next step is to get some ideas and inspiration on the different tile types that are available to purchase. You can search online for images of bathrooms that have tiles in them. These images will give you an indication as to what type of tiles will look good in the style of bathroom that you have. If you are feeling particularly creative then you can make a mood board, and use it to display images of the different tile types that you like the look of.

Tile Types

There are a huge selection of tiles to choose from. Some of the most popular tile types include granite tiles, porcelain tiles and travertine tiles.

Porcelain tiles are able to provide a beautiful finish to any bathroom. One of the many benefits of using porcelain tiles is that they are extremely durable and hard-wearing. Providing that they are properly cared for they can last for many years to come. Porcelain tiles comes in a range of shades, from soft beiges to deep rich reds.

Granite is the tile material of choice for use in many luxury homes. It can provide a superior finish that will really enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Granite tiles are available in a huge selection of colours, textures and patterns, so you can be sure to find the perfect tiles for your needs.

Travertine is a type of stone which is found inside of caves and near to mineral springs. It is an elegant stone which will provide a classic look in any bathroom. No two travertine tiles are the same. Travertine comes in a range of soft, creamy colors.

Follow the above steps and you will be sure to pick the perfect tiles for your bathroom in no time at all.

You can view more information and images of the different types of tiles that we stock on our website. You can also come to our showroom to view the tiles in person. If you are still unsure as to what type of tiles to pick, then speak to one of our helpful team members who will be happy to recommend the best tiles for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

3 Shocking Secrets Your Local Tile Store Doesn’t Want You To Know

If you are in the market for new tiles, it’s very easy to over-pay. While DIY tiling kits are available from hardware stores, quite often the perfect tile you need for your home isn’t available there. This can push you towards specialist tile stores and some of these firms don’t operate a clear and fair pricing structure. In order to steer clear of these bad apples that spoil it for the rest of the industry, here are three things that disreputable tile stores definitely don’t want you to know!

Retail Price Is An Excessive Mark-Up

Yes, we all know that bricks-and-motor tiles stores have considerable overheads to pay but not all firms have the same pricing structure. The appeal of going to a tile store is that you can custom-order tiles to match your home’s décor. What many people don’t realize is that unless you want a specific painted or printed tile, all so-called ‘custom’ tiles are factory produced in bulk. The only reason you need to order them from a store is that the store itself doesn’t have them in stock. The types of tiles that customers frequently overpay for are certain glass tiles, metallic tiles or tiles in specific colors. The price you are quoted is an excessive mark-up over the factory direct price. If you find a factory-direct tile store, you can still have the exact tile you want for a fraction of the price.

Design Consultations Steer You Towards High-Cost Solutions

If budget is a concern, one of the worst things you can do is ask for a design consultation from a specialist tile shop where the prices aren’t factory direct. As the prices are inflated already, the designer is earning their commission from the tiles you order. Unless you explicitly state otherwise, you’ll be given the hard-sell on the pricier tiles. A tell-tale sign that you are being offered over-valued goods is if a designer presents you with a quote for your tiling and then instantly offers a hefty discount. If they can knock 10 per cent off and still earn commission, how much are their tiles really worth? That alone should be set alarm bells ringing.

Referred Contractors Are Good For The Company, Not Your Budget

Another area you’ll overpay for is the installation and labor costs. It is in a tile firm’s best interests to work with the contractor that gives them the largest cut of the profits. They are therefore interested in the quality and the financial element, not necessarily getting you the best price on getting the job done. A design consultation from a factory-direct tile supplier will work out as being far more cost-effective as they aren’t trying to lock you into one of their design packages.


Getting the best deal on your tiling doesn’t mean going down the DIY route. You can source your tiles at competitive prices from factory-direct suppliers without being stuck with the limit range of offerings at your local hardware store. Quite often, these suppliers will offer you free delivery if you order over a certain amount and give you free referrals to quality contractors in your area. You can still have a beautifully tiled home without being gouged on price.

Some Pros and Cons of Stone Flooring for a Kitchen

If you are thinking of building a property, or adding a room to your existing property, or perhaps just thinking about a new floor in your present home; you can now select from a huge range of floorings. You could consider carpeting, which is, funnily enough, now considered as the more traditional flooring, or perhaps some type of linoleum. Wood flooring has obviously always been a beautiful alternative, but maybe the cheaper laminate option is more suitable. Finally, you could consider tiling, but which type of tile do you want? There is a great choice of tiles available, and here we will look at some for your kitchen flooring, here arethree favorites that have passed the test of time.


Slate flooring has been used for a very long time in homes around the world. It has a beautiful natural look and though other tiles try to simulate it, they can never copy the texture of. It is a great flooring to use anywhere in the home, but its water resistance probably makes it most suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. If you have a rustic looking kitchen or an ultra-modern one, slate will look great on the floor. A drawback can be that it can be a bit slippery when wet, but many tiles suffer the same problem. Make sure that you are using hard slate, not soft slate; there is a big difference.


This is another favorite for the home. Though it is limited in pattern options, it does have the advantage of being highly resistant to heat and al water; it can also be polished to a near mirror shine. Its durability is also an advantage and is why it is so often used in public buildings. The hardwearing nature of granite is one of the reasons it has been popular for so long.


If the look of your flooring is the major factor, then marble could be perfect for you. It looks divine, you can buy it in many colors, and it can be polished to look even better. It is not by accident that palaces and other fine buildings use marble; it is a beautiful stone that comes with the ability to make wherever it is used look fine and elegant. Unfortunately marble has other qualities that are not quite as useful for kitchen flooring. It is relatively expensive, it will mark and scratch over time as it is not as hardwearing as some other types of stone flooring; and a professional will be required to repair the tiles. You will also need to be careful with spillages in your kitchen as anything acidic could stain the marble and it can also absorb liquids.

Stone flooring in a kitchen really can set off the rest of the room, but you will need to consider the best option for you. However, whether your priority is looks or practicality you will be able to find a stone that best suits you. Remember that your floor is only as good as the person who laid it, so make sure it is laid correctly and it could last a lifetime.

Redecorating Your Home? Think About Your Future Workload!

If you’ve ever felt like the housework is on top of you and like it’s all a bit too much, then you’ll know just how distressing this can be and how anxious you can get as a result. It’s a horrible feeling to have too much work to do and not enough time, and if this is a feeling you get a lot, then it can be enough to take some of the spring out of your step and turn life into one long slog to get back on top.

If you feel this way, then it may just be that you haven’t decorated your home in the right way. While mess and clutter are always going to be problems, they are often much worse when you don’t have a smart layout and when you’ve chosen the wrong materials and colours for your home.

Not making any sense yet? Then read on and I’ll explain exactly how the right design and décor choices can help to make your workload much more manageable in future and keep your home much tidier and cleaner as a result…

Forget Carpet

If you’ve ever felt like your home looks grubby, or like you’re constantly vacuuming, then your carpet is the culprit. Carpets can look nice and feel warm, but they are also incredibly easy to get dirty – they absorb moisture creating stains, and they have deep gaps between the fibres where dust and grime can accumulate.

As such then, a much more practical form of flooring would be tiles, or perhaps wooden flooring – or more likely a combination. This way you won’t get any stains, and you’ll be able to easily clean up any dust with a simple dustpan and brush in moments. It’s much more hygienic too.

Forget… Soft Things

The same goes for a number of other fabrics around your house and other softer materials. Tiles on your walls for instance are more resilient and easier to clean than wallpaper, while leather furniture is more likely to stay looking new than a regular suit.

Similarly anything with fine ornate details can also be a problem. If you have a highly ornate cupboard in your living room for instance, then expect it to collect dust and be very difficult to clean. On the other hand, a minimalist ‘cube’ can simply be wiped down with a cloth and look good as new.

Lots of Storage

Another thing that can help a great deal is to provide yourself with as much storage as possible. That means lots of cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen, it means lots of drawer space for your clothes and it means big wardrobes to hang your clothes. The more space you give yourself, the more easily you’ll be able to put things away quickly and the more inclined you’ll be to do so. Create some sort of organization in your cupboards and cabinets too and it will make the process of storing and retrieving items even easier. Oh, and get rid of a whole lot of clutter.

There are certain home improvement tasks you can take on yourself, but there are others where it's best to hire professional flooring company in to do the work for you. If you want to install a tile floor in your home, the job can be quite complicated. Fortunately, there are some terrific companies and you can save yourself the time and stress by hiring them to do the work for you.

Time and Materials

Considering the cost of materials and time you would spend on this job, it quickly becomes easy to see how worth it hiring on a professional company really is. You have work and other obligations to take care of, and likely can't find the time to invest in the project alone, let alone getting all of the tools and materials you need. An experienced company will have the skills and supplies needed to install your tile flooring, and get it done in the shortest time possible.

It's well worth it to spend the money hiring the services of a professional company, so you know the job is getting done right the first time around, and that you aren't potentially causing costly damage to your home. They will work with you to figure out how you want the floor to look, so you can get the exact results you're hoping for.

Hiring a Professional

Don' t just search online and choose any company at random. You're going to be investing your money in this company, so it's important you take time to research your options and make the right choice. Reputation is everything. Learn more about any company you're considering, to see what past clients have to say about them and whether or not they would suggest them to others.

You can learn a lot about a company based on their reputation alone. You can also talk to your friends and family, or even your neighbors, to inquire if they have used any flooring installation companies and get their firsthand opinions. You can trust in what people closest to you have to say, because you know they're not going to steer you in the wrong direction.

If you're looking for experienced, skilled tile contractors you can count on, you can turn to our flooring company. With years of experience under our belt, we have already worked with thousands of other homeowners just like you, who needed professional assistance with their home improvements. You can trust in us to get the job done right, the first time around.

You can always count on us when you need help with tile installation or other flooring installation projects. We will make sure you get the highest quality materials and that the work gets done promptly, so you can have the home improvements you were hoping for and get your house looking how you want it. You can trust in us to get you the best results, every time, and you can call us to get more information or for a consultation appointment.