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Granite Slab & Granite Tile


When you choose our Sacramento granite tiles, you don’t just gain better-quality strength, but you add versatility to your flooring projects as well.

Our granite tile products are available in a wide selection of colors and patterns and are guaranteed to make a positive impression on anyone who walks through your door. These tiles are skillfully cut and offer a level of hardness that you can easily depend on - long after the project is complete. Our granite tiles can also easily convey the high-end look and long-term endurance you come to expect in flooring products.

Benefits of Granite Tile

- The Look - unique decorative value from tile to tile; random patterns and earthy colors that make an impression

- The Versatility - used in residential kitchens and commercial hallways and foyers

- The Durability – impact resistant, heat resistant and scratch resistant

- The Strength - It is structurally beneficial to any property. Its extreme stability and rigidity are second to none.

- Ordering is easy. You select the material, the color, the texture, enter the dimensions, and call us for a free quote. We’ll be glad to help find the right tiles for your property to ensure that it is the right fit.

We have a myriad of pre-cut granite tiles to choose from. If you cannot find what you are looking for, we’ll custom design your product at one unbeatable price. Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed!