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Are you looking for an aesthetically pleasing flooring product that will add value and beauty to your home? Are you also looking to install a floor that stands out from the usual and is not hard to uphold? Slate flooring may be the perfect solution for you. Slate is available in a wide variety of colors, textures, thickness and sizes. It is also the ideal material for kitchens, living room, dining areas, and fireplaces.

Why slate? Slate is an extremely durable, slip resistant, and stain resistant product that is able to easily retain and radiate heat for use in passive solar homes. The true stylishness of slate lies in its colors, from solid hues like black to multicolor red, green, grey to mottled and mixed tones that remind you of earthy abstract watercolors – slate is one of the most versatile tile products money will buy.

We highly recommend that you come into our showroom to view our complete selection of various slate elements.

Below are only a few examples of generic slate selections.

  • Slate-Type 1

  • Slate tan - Type 2