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Travertine is a type of deposit that is typically found near mineral springs and inside caves.

Travertine gives you a classic look and an elegant like appearance that is unmatched and unpar. Each piece of travertine is unique and no two piece alike. It is widely be used for many things, including flooring tiles, wall tiles, backsplashes, on countertops in the vanities and even in the outdoors.

Buying travertine flooring products can be a tricky process. Many consumers are unsure of what to buy in terms of color, type and style, as there are multitudes to choose from. Our knowledgeable industry specialists can guide you through the process, all the options and will come up with the best solutions to match your needs. We work with you – matching colors, offering ideas and creating custom design for your project at hand.

Our tile installation specialists are able to create a decorative look that lasts using Travertine. Call us now to get started.